Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Polydactyls are out there

Anyone who has a pet feels a special bond with similar animals.

Several years ago, I adopted a black polydactyl cat from the local pet store. I was told that "Black" cats were difficult to adopt out, plus his "deformity" added another concern against his being adopted. Neither of these "problems" concerned me.

I brought home the eight month old male cat and named him "Darby".

As with many things in life, there are some things that you are not aware of until the day they are brought to your attention. I once had a "Russian Blue" cat (short gray hair, big ears, long tail). I'd never seen such an animal before. After adopting Perri, I began to see this type of cat everywhere I looked.

Well the same with the polydactyl. I may have heard of the anomaly, but I had never before encountered it in person. After taking Darby into my home, I began seeing magazine articles, photos, and other polydactyls. My brother and his wife visited later in the year and have since adopted a polydactyl of their own.

Below are some products that celebrate the "American Polydactyl"

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