Coordinated sets

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

--> Many people like to have coordinated items throughout their house. Below, are some sets consisting of a mug, a teapot, and a plate. Next to each set is a link to other items with these, or similar designs.
There are other "sets" that are possible from Zazzles product selections. To go along with the "dining: sets below are placemats and teatowls, coasters, and candy jars. One can utilize the pet bowls (large or small) as serving bowls. Perhaps a throw pillow to make your seating at the table more comfortable?

Visit the fine stores below and other Zazzle shops to create your own coordinated sets.

Mug Teapot Plate
See other coordinated items in these stores
flower power coffee mug flower power party plate Jicha Design
Books Mug Books Teapot Bebops
Water Lily Fine Art Coffee Mug Water Lily Fine Art Teapot Water Lily Fine Art Plate KHarvillART
Five Green Birds in a Tree Specialty Mug Jumbo Mugs Five Green Birds in a Tree Teapot Five Green Birds in a Tree Plate ValeriesGallery
Mug - 3 calendula flowers Tea pot - Calendula Plate - Calendula BKMuir
Cupcakes Mug Birthday Party Cupcakes seashell2
Sunflower Butterflies Coffee Mugs Sunflower Butterflies Sunflower Butterflies fstasu57
Purple And Orane Tulips Coffee Mug Orange and Purple Tulips Teapot Orange and Purple Tulip Plate worldofnature
Golden Basket Weave Porcelain Mugs Golden Basket Weave Golden Basket Weave Dinner Plates zoespeak
Distressed Golden Chinese Dragon Prosperity Wishes Espresso Mugs Distressed Golden Chinese Dragon Prosperity Wishes Distressed Golden Chinese Dragon Prosperity Wishes Plates HightonRidley
Along the Waves Blue Mug Along the Waves Blue Teapot Along the Waves Blue Plate Tees2go
orange leaves mug orange leaves orange leaves dinner plate almawad
Cottage Floral Mug Cottage Floral Teapot Cottage Floral Plate GrafixMom
Cup many water drops on green-grey sheet coffee mugs Teapot many waterdrops on a green leaf plate waterdrops on a green leaf fotosbykarin


KHarvill ART said...

Thanks for doing this - beautiful designs ! Thanks so much for including mine !

Designs by Shell said...

Great idea to showcase sets! Nice selection!

zoespeak said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks for including one of my sets.

Mrs Cookie said...

Thank you for posting my tulip dining set.