Friday, October 18, 2013

Doors and Doorways

Ever since I became interested in architecture (possibly even before) I have been enamored of the various textures and designs that one can see in doors and doorways. Mostly older buildings have the interesting doors, but some newer ones do to.

I frequently visit Mare Island, here in Vallejo. This is an area that was once a naval shipyard, and had housing and buildings utilized by the Navy and it's personnel.

Here is a jigsaw puzzle that I had made from a photograph I took of one of the warehouse doors. This door is at the second floor level, with no signs of any direct access (perhaps a pulley system is behind the doors?)

I have always taken many photographs of architectural elements when on my various rambles.

When I worked in San Francisco, I saw wonderful elements every day when I went out for lunch.

Here is a sandstone coaster with a photographic image of the door knocker/handle on the old U.S. Customs House (built 1906-1911).

Below is a selection of posters that show the various elements of doorway architecture in many regions of the world.

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