Friday, October 18, 2013

Doors and Doorways

Ever since I became interested in architecture (possibly even before) I have been enamored of the various textures and designs that one can see in doors and doorways. Mostly older buildings have the interesting doors, but some newer ones do to.

I frequently visit Mare Island, here in Vallejo. This is an area that was once a naval shipyard, and had housing and buildings utilized by the Navy and it's personnel.

Here is a jigsaw puzzle that I had made from a photograph I took of one of the warehouse doors. This door is at the second floor level, with no signs of any direct access (perhaps a pulley system is behind the doors?)

I have always taken many photographs of architectural elements when on my various rambles.

When I worked in San Francisco, I saw wonderful elements every day when I went out for lunch.

Here is a sandstone coaster with a photographic image of the door knocker/handle on the old U.S. Customs House (built 1906-1911).

Below is a selection of posters that show the various elements of doorway architecture in many regions of the world.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gift Wrap - Balloons

Everyone uses gift wrapping paper - well almost everyone - my nephew is noted for using paper bags only!

Whether you are preparing a special gift for a momentous occasion (house warming, graduation, award, etc.), or for those calendar occasions that people memorialize (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.), most everyone wraps the gifts they will be giving. Usually the design on the paper means something to the recipient and/or the giver.

A hobbyist might want the recipient to know who the gift is from and choose to wrap all gifts in a design that shows off their hobby. Or, the giver might want to acknowledge the recipients hobby. Perhaps the hobby is sailing - nautical prints, boats, compasses, anchors, etc. might be chosen.

The recipient's occupation might determine the design. Tools of the trade for a painter, a doctor, a fireman, pilot, etc.

With the holidays coming up, I thought I would begin to share the new papers being created at Zazzle.

Today"s selection will be BALLOONS- toy and hot air balloons.
(click here for other balloon selections)

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