Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Print on Demand - Coordinated Sets

Print on demand allows you to create coordinated sets for your everyday life. Below are products from one of my favorite shopkeepers on Zazzle. Sticking to one design "Queen Anne's Lace" you can develop a full table setting with many different products to choose from.

Begin with a placemat to set the theme.

Follow with other items to place on your table and serve your meals.

Queen Anne's Lace teapot
Queen Anne's Lace plate
Queen Anne's Lace specialty mug Porcelain Mugs
Queen Anne's Lace coaster
Queen Anne's Lace napkin
Queen Anne's Lace pillow
Queen Anne's Lace pitcher
Queen Anne's Lace apron

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Armchair photography

After the last post "Nature in your back (or front) yard" I asked my fellow shopkeepers at Zazzle to provide some of their images, taken from inside their house, of nature outside their window or door.

As I expected, there were a range of images. Below are some of the first.

By Jicha_design (Germany):
(sitting in the garden) Most of my photography is done when I am walking, looking for the small things around me, but this one was done in my own garden, in my own chair. I read a book, camera beside me and hoped to capture just this.

By mlewallpapers in central Maryland (USA)
Top - I wasn't sitting in a chair at the time, but I did take this picture through the window because I didn't want to disturb the baby birds. Two baby swallows were resting on our deck, waiting for their mother to come back, and they were too cute to pass up.
Bottom - Similarly, I was out on the deck when I caught ... this adorable deer in the woods.
Baby Barn Swallows Print
Baby Barn Swallows Print by mlewallpapers
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Adorable Deer in the Woods Photo Print
Adorable Deer in the Woods Photo Print by mlewallpapers
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By Bebops in Upstate, New York (USA):  
Top - This is the one and only photo I've gotten of an ermine. I just happened to look out the back window as this flash of white appeared, chasing after a chipmunk. I snapped this as he paused to figure out which way the little chipmunk had gone.
Bottom - A goldfinch caught my eye up in a tree during autumn. The bird seemed to blend right in with the colored leaves. 

Goldfinch and Autumn Leaves Print
Goldfinch and Autumn Leaves Print by Bebops
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By olga hutsul in Thornhill, Ontario, (Canada):
This grape was growing right on the trellis over my deck - I watched it grow every day, as I had my morning tea. One day in the afternoon sun it reached in my eye a state of perfection, I was fascinated by the light coming right through the grapes and this is when i grabbed my camera. The next day it was gone - devoured by a flock of chirpy birds in a few minutes (I can easily say that I did not have a second chance to photograph it).

sunkissed autumn grapes gallery wrapped canvas
sunkissed autumn grapes gallery wrapped canvas by myworldtravels
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By tickleyourfunnybone in Georgia (USA):
Top - Taken from my den in Roswell, GA
Bottom - Taken while sitting and playing SCRABBLE with my dad in Alpharetta, GA

BD- Flying Hawk Note/Greeting Cards
BD- Flying Hawk Note/Greeting Cards by patcallum
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BC-Squirrel Mousepad
BC-Squirrel Mousepad by patcallum
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By Andy2302 Southeastern, Massachusetts (USA):
Top - Here's a katydid looking in through a glass door.   
Bottom - On the same glass door is this big assassin bug in silhouette.

Bug Silhouette ~ t-shirt
Bug Silhouette ~ t-shirt by Andy2302
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By ingasi in Arizona (USA): 
Here's some morning sunlight playing on the wall of my balcony and the pine tree in Tucson, AZ.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nature in your back (or front) yard.

Recently, I have been having some trouble getting out and about to take my photographs (or do much of anything) with a bad back. As I was relaxing in my rocking chair with my feet up and a heating bad on my lower back, my attention was attracted by a tapping sound. At first I ignored it as possibly a neighbor working in his garage. It became insistant - not constant - a tap, tap, tap ... tap, tap ... tap, tap, tap, tap ... I put down my book an looked out the windows to see if I could determine what was making the sound.

I finally located a woodpecker in the tree across my next door neighbor's front yard. Quickly, I grabbed my camera and took several shots through the window screen. In the camera, the images looked "okay". Later, I uploaded to my computer and did some enhancing of the images, resulting in 2-3 that were usable. As you can see, the window screen gives a soft "artsy" affect to the image.
Card - Greeting - Woodpecker
Card - Greeting - Woodpecker by bkmuir

I began reviewing my images from years ago. I remember walking all over San Francisco, either at lunch breaks, or on weekend days, taking photos of architectural elements. I also rode my bike into the back country  in Contra Costa County, grabbing shots of plants and animals. Or, more recently, I've taken off in my car to drive up the coast to Fort Bragg and taken shots of seals on the beach, windmills on the hills, etc.

However, it is the life I capture from my front room rocking chair that most amaze me. Here are just a few of the images that have resulted from just being aware of what is happening outside the window. As above, these were taken from the front room window.
Bus. Card - Spider on Web Business Cards
Bus. Card - Spider on Web Business Cards by bkmuir

The following images were captured from the back door, out to the backyard.
Magnet - Squirrel with nut
Magnet - Squirrel with nut by bkmuir

So, as you can see, you don't need to travel great distances to see nature in action. There are great photo opportunities right outside your window.