Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Gardening

It took a while, however, Spring has finally arrived in this area of the world.

With the quantities of rain that we received, plants (read WEEDS) grew amazingly fast. I have been spending at least 3 days per week working on cleaning the yards up to prepare for the "real" gardening of planting seeds and watering, etc.  Currently, I have the front yard well groomed, although it does require that I cut the grass at least once a week. The back yard I am slowly conquering. I did get the second clothes line post dug out of the ground and moved to the back section. I plan to use these posts to create a climbing wall for vines, sweat peas, whatever. I have one more session to cut down the 3-4 foot high grasses that grew up between the house the the older shed. I can now see my piles of stone that remain for my next project.

Last year I set the flag stones for the path from the back shed to the lawn on the south side of the yard. This year, I plan to lay the stone walkway from the patio to the back gate. Then there is the NEW shed to build and the old shed to tear down. Oh yes, then the privacy fencing to work into or next to the chain link fence in the extended parcel at the back, before cutting down the fence between the yard and the garden. And then there is ... SO MUCH TO DO!!!