Sunday, May 27, 2012

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge turns 75

Today, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in California turns 75 years old. Click here to see what events are planned for the remainder of the year.

My father was 17 when the bridge opened. He and his family participated with Aunts and an Uncle who lived in the Bay Area at that time. He remembered walking over the bridge before automobile traffic was allowed across.
When my family came up from southern California to visit our Aunts and Uncle we always came in the summer months. My mother stated that she never saw the entire bridge, as it was always shrouded in fog.

When I moved up to Oakland in the 1980s, I was able to see the bridge during all of it's various "moods"
I have photographs of the bridge with sun setting behind it. I have images taken from the base of the towers, beneath the  roadway, looking up at the bottom of the bridge. Others are taken from the Marin headlands looking east, with the Oakland hills int he background. It is truly a very photogenic structure.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Products from Zazzle - Belt Buckles

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New products are being introduced every day at Zazzle. Recently, belt buckles have become available. Yes, some people still wear belts and some even make their own leather or woven belts that require buckles to hold them up.

If you have a business, there could be a graphic to enhance with your business name. If you have a personal hobby that you like to show off, there could be a buckle out there for you.

Here are the first buckles that I have produced. I hope you enjoy them and find something you like. If not, then feel free to browse the holdings of other Zazzlers.

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